A Monday to Remember

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A Monday to Remember

I’ve been writing this post for nearly a month now and just can’t seem to complete it. I’ve rewritten it countless times and have struggled to come up with a title that didn’t seem depressing or negative. “A Monday to Remember” is the best I’ve got at this point so it is what it is. I’m not sure if it’s because I can’t quite define the feelings that I have or if it’s that I’ve been booked solid shooting (YAY!!) and that I literally don’t have the capacity to write. Could be both really. But tonight I am just deciding that I need to stop over thinking it and just get it out there so I can move on and start upon my next writing piece. So here it goes in all of it’s glory. A Monday to Remember that wasn’t all that long ago.

Seven weeks ago we closed the door to our first home for the very last time. I wish I could tell you that it felt like the end of a chapter to our family story, but even to this day it still doesn’t feel real. This is the part I can’t put into words. It’s not that I don’t feel anything, I’m just not sad about it. I don’t miss it. I have an appreciation for what it was, but it’s not as hard as I thought it would be. It was hard leaving, but now that we’re gone it’s really not a big deal.

It was a fantastic starter home and I will always love it’s unique, classic character with the modern kitchen. The backyard was our oasis where we enjoyed many summer night movies with friends, lawn games and good times. We spent countless hours in our mis-matched, not-all-that-comfortable furniture playing games or watching our favorite shows. Michael crafted many delicious meals on the grill and in our kitchen that will continue to carry on in our new home. Calvin had a lot of “firsts”, there which only feels appropriate for it being our first home. It is the end of a chapter, but it’s not a chapter that ends in a sad way. It ends in anticipation of what lies ahead. And that is something to get excited about.

We’ve been sharing my grandparents home since then and having a blast together. Calvin is especially loving it. But it’s this weird feeling of pause. Like there’s a step between one and two and that’s right where we are as we wait to open the door to our new home late this winter/early spring.

Don’t get me wrong, this arrangement has been a lot of fun yet it has it’s challenges. Living out of boxes isn’t all that easy and having to toddler-proof a new house that’s been a home for many years feels like an everyday task most days. We are living with what feels like 1/8th of our stuff and we can’t seem to quite unpack what we do have. It’s temporary and I think in the end it may help us live with less.

I can just imagine unpacking the POD and thinking, “Why on earth did we keep this? We don’t really need it.” I’m really looking forward to that. Watch out Goodwill, we’ll be unloading a lot more stuff come March! We truly enjoy spending so much time with Gigi and Papa and love that Calvin is getting to know them so well. In a few months they’ll be off to warmer climates and won’t get to see him as much. The good of our situation out-weights the inconveniences by far.

June 27th, 2016, A Monday to Remember. It’s memorable for us as it was the last time Calvin crawled in every square inch of that house. Even in places he couldn’t go before! He had a blast playing peek-a-boo for the first and last time with the floor-length curtains and it was beyond adorable (yes I’m extremely bias as I should be). Something special also happened that Monday: an incredibly talented photographer came to capture our story in a raw and beautiful way.

Athena Pelton captured moments of our family on the last day in our first home. The home in which our family grew from two to three. Nothing was posed or staged, it was just us being us. It was Calvin incredibly close to nap time and a tad bit cranky, but we managed to still hear his adorable giggles and see that smile the melts our hearts. It was a time where we shared our story with Athena who had never been in our home before and was seeing it for the first time. It was moments of sentiment and pause. It was lovely.

Okay, there was one photo that we asked her if we could sit in a particular way to recreate a photo we had taken when we moved in. But that’s it! Just the one. We told her memories as we walked through each room sharing our stories with her. She asked us questions and told us stories about her girls and we connected on how awesome it is to be parents and have moments like these. A few years back they had also built with the same builder we’ve selected so undoubtedly there were conversations about that as well. At the end of our time together Athena surprised us with an incredible gift. She said that when our house is complete she’d love to meet us there to finish telling our story in still frames. We couldn’t be more thrilled and have so much appreciation for her generosity. So stay tuned folks. There is more of the Devins family through the eyes of Athena to come.

All of the photos were captured by Athena Pelton.

Devins_Family_Athena_Pelton_001 Devins_Family_Athena_Pelton_002 Devins_Family_Athena_Pelton_003 Devins_Family_Athena_Pelton_004 Devins_Family_Athena_Pelton_005 Devins_Family_Athena_Pelton_006 Devins_Family_Athena_Pelton_007 Devins_Family_Athena_Pelton_008 Devins_Family_Athena_Pelton_009 Devins_Family_Athena_Pelton_010

Devins_Family_Athena_Pelton_028 Devins_Family_Athena_Pelton_011 Devins_Family_Athena_Pelton_012 Devins_Family_Athena_Pelton_013 Devins_Family_Athena_Pelton_014 Devins_Family_Athena_Pelton_015 Devins_Family_Athena_Pelton_016 Devins_Family_Athena_Pelton_017 Devins_Family_Athena_Pelton_018 Devins_Family_Athena_Pelton_019 Devins_Family_Athena_Pelton_020 Devins_Family_Athena_Pelton_021 Devins_Family_Athena_Pelton_022 Devins_Family_Athena_Pelton_023 Devins_Family_Athena_Pelton_024 Devins_Family_Athena_Pelton_025 Devins_Family_Athena_Pelton_026 Devins_Family_Athena_Pelton_027


All of these beautiful photos were taken by the incredibly talented Athena Pelton. If you don’t know her yet, you should.

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