Seven Days

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Seven Days

Today the countdown begins.

Seven days.

Seven days until we walk out of our first home together for the very last time.

The roller coaster of emotions has arrived and I’m on it at full speed.

Excited. Nervous. Happy. Sad. Nostalgic. Just to name a few.

We’ve been planning this move for nearly two years now. We’ve toured countless model homes dreaming of the day we could build a new home. The one we’d raise children in. The one we’d have traditional holiday events in. The ones where our friends and family would come over and we’d enjoy great food together, laughter and create memories in together. The one we’d live in for a very long time.

Through all that dreaming I never stopped to think about what leaving this house would mean to me. The past several months have been consumed by packing, donating, cleaning, painting, more packing, more donating, more cleaning and more painting. The preparation for showing a home is exhausting. There’s no time for emotions. There isn’t time to process anything but the to-do list. If it wasn’t for the help from our parents there’s no way we would have been able to make this happen in the timing we did. Michael’s Father (the most incredible father in-law in the world) spent countless hours helping. Mowing, painting, cleaning, moving box after box, babysitting, the list goes on an on… he did practically anything that needed to be done. Our Mom’s and my Grandma babysat Calvin (happily of course as that’s the best job) so I could organize, pack, clean…etc. on multiple occasions. There’s only so much I could do and carry with a toddler scooting around or demanding to be held. We owe them all a HUGE thank you. We couldn’t have done it w/o all of you and appreciate you very much.

This house was the beginning of a very exciting adventure together. We toured home after home after home and when walking into this home, felt like we were at home instantly. It was our “WOW House” as we called it. We crunched the numbers because of course it was a tad over our budget and we made it work. We were proud owners as of July 27th, 2012.


It was perfect. The location was amazing begin just two blocks from the light rail, walking distance to a local market, bowling alley, liquor store, post office and library. Three blocks from Minnehaha Falls. Sitting_330pxwIt was a 1920’s craftsman story-and-a-half that was partially remodeled in all the right ways.
There was beautiful dark original wood with a built in china cabinet and decorative iron in the window. The hardwood floor was in great condition and there were even original (and working) light switches and door handles. The kitchen was beautifully remodeled and the upper level converted from an attic to a bedroom and loft. It had a double garage, which in Southeast Minneapolis is hard to find! To us, it was perfection. It had the history, the beauty and the quality we were looking for. The yard was landscaped with thought. There was plenty of room for entertaining as well as just the right amount of greenery.


Standing_330pxw This is the home we planned our wedding in and spent countless hours DIYing and baking desserts for it. The backyard was the perfect spot for summer-time backyard movie nights with soft string lights hanging overhead. The kitchen is where we cooked several holiday meals for our families in. This is the home we came to as a newly wed couple. We’ve walked from our front door to the light rail heading to the airport to take yet another amazing adventure together. We’ve walked many many miles to, around and from Minnehaha Park, even did some running and photo shoots there. The living room is where we’d spend our evenings watching movies, our favorite shows and playing games together. It’s also where told our parents that they were getting new names, grandparents. The guest room was transformed to a nursery for when we brought Calvin home just over a year ago. The living room is where Calvin’s crawled for the first time. He stood up for the first time. Threw a ball for the first time. This home is filled with a lot of our “firsts” and will always hold a very special place in our hearts.

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Seven days.

I can’t believe it’s just seven days that we’ll be setting out on a new adventure, creating a new home to fill with even more memories. It’s hard to say good-bye to a place where you have so many cherished memories. This home will always hold a very special place in our hearts.


New home photos taken by our dear friend, David Orwoll. Photo with Calvin taken by the incredible Gina Zeilder.


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