To my Husband on Father’s Day

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To my Husband on Father’s Day


IMG_4289_330pxFatherhood starts long before a baby’s big arrival. It started with tears of joy when you learned of his new life. It began with bouts of laughter in excitement and humor as we experienced pregnancy. It started with countless hours of planning and preparation. It began with unconditional support, endless love and positive encouragement as the months passed and he grew and grew and grew until I thought I might burst. These are just a few of the things that come to mind of how you began your journey into fatherhood during our pregnancy. Some of my favorite moments were when you’d lay your head on my belly to feel the baby move and babe would respond with lots of movement. Or when you’d daydream with me about all the things we’d do together as a new family. You were so excited to become a father and I couldn’t wait for the day to come when we’d finally get to meet him.






When labor started you were nothing but my pillar of strength, my rock. You were steadfast, calm and strong. You knew exactly how to support me without me telling you what to do. You literally held me up when I felt weak. You massaged the crap out of my back and helped relieve the pain. You helped me hold it all together and when I didn’t think I could endure anymore you built me up and believed in me. I could not have done it without you.







When he arrived you moved so quickly into the role even more by caring for him tenderly, lovely and with nothing but love. No matter what he needed, or when he needed it, you provided. You held him, fed him, changed every diaper and took care of me all at the same time.








IMG_0783_990pxwOver the past year I have had the honor to watch you grow more as a father and know that it couldn’t be more fitting of a role for you. I love watching you and Calvin play together, laugh together, dance together and snuggle during nap-time and so much more. He looks at you with such adoration and joy. You are an amazing and incredible father, more than I could have ever imagined.

You are our rock, our pillar of strength and our superman.

We love you more than words can express.

Happy Father’s Day my love.

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