Kellyn + Steve | Engaged

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Kellyn + Steve | Engaged

From the moment we met Kellyn and Steve, we knew they were the type of people we could see ourselves having fun with. After walking the streets of Minneapolis on a chilly yet beautiful day for their engagement session, our suspicions proved to be right. We had such a fantastic time getting to know them, laughing with them and capturing all the sweet moments between them. Kellyn is full of energy and has the most incredible smile. Steve is a gentleman with a great sense of humor. Together, they are a perfect match. After having this much fun with them, we couldn’t be more excited for their wedding next September.


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How did you meet?
Steve and I met at General Mills. It was Steve’s first job out of graduate school and my first out of undergrad, both as transplants to the Twin Cities.  Steve slyly got my number during my first week of work. When he *finally* took me on a date two months later, he told me “it wasn’t really a date.”

What attracted you most to one another?
Steve would somewhat jokingly tell you, “that butt.”  But aside from the physical, it was my biting wit and intelligence.  For me, it was not only Steve’s pretty blue eyes and dimples, but even more so his intelligence, confidence, and steadfastness in his beliefs.

What is the proposal story?
The first place we ever said those three little words to each other was in Chicago on New Year’s Eve in 2008.  In 2012, we were going to have to be apart for the holidays, so chose to celebrate Christmas together early in Chicago.  Steve got a hotel room downtown and took me to a nice dinner.  He did not take off his coat, when asked by the coat check, which should have signaled me that there might have been something in his coat pocket.  Instead, I proceeded to drink two-thirds of a bottle of wine and pester Steve about where their relationship was going, so much so, that he thought about not proposing that night.  However, after dinner and after taking me to get a nightcap at the restaurant where we first said “I love you,” he asked me to walk by the Water Tower in order to look at Christmas lights, and I’m a sucker for Christmas lights.  And there, in front of the historical building, he got down on one knee, telling me, “everything you want, I want too.”