Photo Walk | Richardson Nature Center

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Most Minnesotans wouldn’t think of April as “springtime,” but lucky for us, the buds were on the trees and the sun was shining so we grabbed our gear and enjoyed a lovely morning at the Richardson Nature Center. It’s always a fun time to walk around with friends geeking out about our equipment or what type of techniques we’re practicing. I’m looking forward to our evening photo walk. If you have any interest in joining us we’re hoping to schedule it for an evening in May. Feel free to contact me for the details!

"Richardson Nature Center", Nature, Bloomington

"Richardson Nature Center", Diane

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Kyle, Field, Grass, Nature, "Back lit"

Ryan, Photographer, Shooting, Capturing, Photographing

Tree, Field, Grass, Tall, Bob

Shooter, Photographer, Diane

Tree, Leaves, Buds, Kyle

Tall, Grass, Kyle, Photographing

Flowers, Bloom, Blossom



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